Don't loose your Data! Data Recovery is available.


A Dead Computer doesn't mean your Data is gone

Many times computers fail or become too old to use on today's internet. This doesn't mean you should throw them away and lose everything. In most cases we can preform Data Recovery for a minimal fee. While other prefer us to give them our data transfer services directly to a new computer so you don't have to worry about it.


Back-up your Data, Always!

The best way to know your data is safe is to have multiple back-ups. You could pay for an external cloud storage OR you could take matters into your own hands. We can help you choose the best size USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive for your needs and show you how to back-up your data on a routine basis. There is no need to pay monthly to protect your data if you know how to do it yourself.


If we can't recover your Data, we know someone who can.

We provide lower level Data Recovery, and while most of the time that's enough, there are times when a Hard Drive has completely stopped and needs more in depth data recovery. In these cases we have partnered with the top name company in Data Retrieval and can help you save 10% off the cost.