Refurbished Computers & Custom Built Towers


Refurbished Laptops

If you need a new portable computer we can help you save money on your purchase. Our selection ranges from ChromeBooks to Gaming Laptops. Contact us at (727) 320-2965 and we can help you find the perfect laptop at a great price.


Refurbished Desktops

When you are in the market for a new home or work computer you don't want to over pay. We have a wide selection of Windows 10 Desktops and can build one with Windows 7 if you prefer. Contact us at (727) 320-2965 and we will help you get into a refurbished computer for less than the big box stores. You can also ask us about a Custom Built Tower or Gaming Computer.


Custom Built Towers

Whether you are a gamer who wants the best or a business who need a specific set-up, we can build a tower to meet your exact needs. Contact us at (727) 320-2965 and we will help you in choosing the best options for your needs and get a quote for your new Custom Built Tower.