Drive-up Services

Due to COVID-19 and Pinellas County's "Safer at Home" Order we are transitioning to Drive-up service only. 

If you need your computer fixed please feel free to bring it in, HOWEVER, please stay in your car and call us or honk your horn. We will come out to you.

We are also limiting In-Home Services to only those repairs needed for work or school to minimize the risk to our employees.

We will continue to wash our hands or use hand sanitizer in between each customer and to disinfect all surfaces each day. 

Due to the banks closing service locations we can only accept Credit/Debit cards or cash, and will return to accepting checks once this crisis is over. 

We will return to our normal services after Pinellas County's "Safer at Home" Order is lifted. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. 

(727) 320-2965

Getting your computer ready to work or attend school from HOME!

With all the changes in our lives right now, Discount Computer Repair wants to make it easier to transition to working or attending school from home. 

We are offering a flat $45.00 in home service to help you set your computer up to easily access what you will need. 

For Pinellas County School Students this service will include installing the software required by the district, some programs may already be installed but we we check to make sure. 

For people who need to work at home or attend a private school, just ask your employer/school what you will need and we will get everything set up for you.

In some cases you should consider having your computer checked for viruses or malware. If you feel your computer is running slower than when you first bought it or it is doing things it shouldn't.

Just call today to set up your appointment.